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What is Natural Force Harmonic Therapy?

Natural Force Harmonic Therapy attempts to modify an “out of tune” (discordant) vibration to an “in tune” vibration, thus changing disease to health Through years of research we have found that each disease has its own pattern of “out of tune” (discordant) vibratory rates that must be modified back to normal vibratory rates for the individual to regain health.

We also found through years of research the normal vibrating range of each of the seventeen energies that make up the energy field of all living things…This energy field is making a beautiful melody of health when in tune, and can be distorted into discords of disease by many negative things in life.

There are many ways to modify the energy field about the human body. Most methods have the distinct disadvantage of pulling from the healer far more of his own energies than he can afford without affecting or modifying his own health. In Natural Force Harmonic Therapy, the healer becomes the “conduit’ or” vehicle” to amplify the energies in creating the needed result in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis

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