The Video That Blew My Mind

The before and after videos that you are about to view will blow your mind

as it blew mine decades ago!!

These videos are what convinced me to begin the journey into Harmonics and my work and life’s mission, to learn this system and teach it to others. Just look at the before and after… You will not necessarily understand the instrumentation that Rees was using, but again the changes are undeniable, changes that I have had as well and you can too!!

You will see bone deterioration change in 11 days of harmonic therapy, that’s right, 11 days….. Rees was a Diplomat in Orthopedics, a real stickler for before and after documentation of change…. Group, there is nothing like this work, anywhere in the world, and you have the opportunity to accomplish changes like this….. This is a call to action!! Let’s start an army together, of incredible practitioners that can take Humanity out of their pain and suffering…. Dr. Ken Davis