From Dr. Davis:

I wanted to thank you for registering for this online video program on Natural Force Harmonic Therapy. You know, I was really blessed to have the opportunity close to four decades ago to have in my life and as my mentor, Dr. M.L. Rees, inventor, teacher and researcher of Advanced Chiropractic Techniques and Procedures including Soft Tissue Orthopedics, Temporal Sphenoidal Diagnosis and family of diagnostic and corrective systems. He was an inveterate researcher of Etheric Modification Techniques (Harmonics). It has been my life’s purpose and mission, to teach others this incredible system of healing to uplift humanity from their pain and suffering. This material needs to be taught to others, like you, that have decided to begin this journey with me.

I am grateful for this opportunity… Dr. Kenneth Y. Davis

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YES, enroll me in the Natural Force Harmonic Therapy 12 Month Program! I understand that upon registration I will receive access to an online member’s area, where I will receive monthly training videos and resources from Dr. Davis. Videos will be released at the beginning of each month. Additionaly there is a forum area for question and answers, as well as for sharing experiences utilizing the techniques.

The Natural Force Harmonic Therapy program will be a step by step instructional video program that will present to the student a complete system of Healing Modalities beginning with the science art and philosophy of Harmonic Therapy and ending with a simple but in depth system of analysis and correction utilizing amplified harmonic orchestrations developed to bring discordant (out of tune) harmonies back into balance. These discordant harmonies result in mankind’s degeneration and breakdown.

You will learn harmonic orchestrations for virus’, infections and supergerms called the Tasa orchestration, The Partik Orchestrations to remove poisons from the body such as Metabolic, Heavy Metal and Heavy Carbon Chain poisons… You will learn the Actress Orchestrations that can put the vibrations of antibiotics into the energy field, orchestrations for herbs, bach flower remedies, nuts, seeds, grains. You will learn orchestrations that can rebuild the spinal disks and remove acute and chronic pain and much, much more!!!

Yes, I understand that I will be sent full online login details after I register.

YES, I understand that I am not under contract and that my subscription and access to the online membersip can be terminated at any point, by contacting

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